Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aloe Vera And Cancer

The Aloe vera plant has been used as a healing agent for various illnesses and wounds of various kinds for literally thousands of years. Now various scientific medical studies have shown that the Aloe Vera plant also helps in fighting various forms of cancer. This seems to be particularly true when it is used along with the traditional forms of combating cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiation.
Many medical professionals feel that scientific studies show that the Aloe vera plant seems to help the immune system to be able to respond in a positive fashion to the attack of cancer.
Studies have been made of the Aloe vera plant and specifically how it reacts to cancer for well over thirty years and while the medical professionals who have been conducting these various studies are cautious in what they say and not quite ready to announce to the world that they have discovered in the Aloe vera plant a substance which will cure a number of various forms of cancer, they are quietly excited about the positive aspects which these various tests seem to indicate.
Medical studies have shown that certain substances from the Aloe vera plant give the body's immune system greater capabilities in the way in which it responds to being attacked by cancer. Given these substances, the body seems better able to produce new and healthy cells which are capable of fighting aggressively against the cancerous cells.
Substances from the Aloe vera plant are also sometimes being used in conjunction with the traditional methods of chemotherapy and radiation used in fighting cancer. Studies seem to show that these substances seem to be able to lessen the damage done by the traditional methods and to enable the body to heal itself from the damages done by the treatments as well as to fight the cancer.
It is important to note that while the FDA has okayed the use of substances from the Aloe vera plant in the treatment of animals it has not approved these same substances for use in fighting human cancer. One might wonder if the government feels that it is better to let the victim of cancer die naturally from the attack being made on them than it is to take the chance that treating them with the substances from the Aloe vera plant might kill them rather than help them.
Substances from the Aloe vera plant are being used in Europe and other parts of the world to fight cancer and are showing great success.

By: J Kloeg

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